Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What iPhone-3G means to Rural India?

iPhone 3G is creating waves across the world that it's a very cheap device. Let me discuss from Rural India's perspective.
  1. It costs 8400/- + taxes, however one has to add up the Internet usage cost. It may make up Rs. 800-1000 per month plan for two years. This means, device would costs about 30000/-. Now guess, how many people can afford this price gamble? Try from this hint, there are about 300,000 blackberry users in India.
  2. As each user will have to purchase unlimited data plan along with the device, this will increase the broadband user base.
  3. Touch screen phones are more relevant to Rural India if you consider data services. Because language could be the local one. Larger keypad can be created as an application.
  4. More icons kind of look and feel makes people to be comfortable with the handsets in order to increase data services adoption. For example, enable voice and visual way of browsing
  5. Camera, MobileTV, Video on Demand, VOIP, GPS are the things which would drive this iPhone market in Rural India. Good business model is by charging each service separately.
  6. Many full-scale services, targeting rural mass, would emerge such as e-health care, banking, ticketing etc.

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Chris said...

Interesting post. There is a theory that developing countries such as India will experience faster adoption than lead markets such as the US. Check out my free white paper: Why iPhone adoption will be faster in Australia than the US