Thursday, June 12, 2008

Services going mobile in India

I used to wonder about the business model on providing Internet service on cycle rickshaw to Rural population in India. Ultimately it failed in terms of scalability. And nowadays I hear about many services offered on move. I am listing them here:
  1. Court (Indian government's innovative thought)
  2. Hospital on vans (equipped with X-ray machine, ECG machine, basic pathological services for blood and urine test, ante-natal and post-natal services and an out-patient department for common ailments)
  3. Hospital on Train
  4. Banking
  5. Science Train
  6. Automobile Spare parts on Bus
  7. PCO (manned pay-phone service)
  8. Female on move to sell FMCG products
  9. Micro-business school on a Mini Bus
  10. Retail stores on Vans
  11. Tools on a Truck for rural carpenters, metalworking artisans, plumbers etc
  12. Computer Training center on wheels
  13. Toilets on wheels
Guess which of these would be scalable & sustainable? I believe: banking,hospital on van, automobile spare parts on bus and retail stores would be scalable. Similarly cellphone spare parts on wheels can be a potential business opportunity.

Note: I would keep updating this list as and when I find other such ventures.

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Yogesh Deshpande said...

Why can't education go on mobile?

I am Prof. in IT department trying to do research on mobile-learning.

I would like to know pros & cons in undertaking such research project and experimenting on Rural adult/illiterate - mobile users.

I want your e-mail Id to discuss.

My id is