Friday, November 23, 2007

Multi-national Companies bringing services to Rural India

Smokeless biomass gas stove is developed by IISc, Bangalore and promoted by BP for Rural India. It costs 675/-.

Reuters is providing weather updates, crop prices, and other agri-related information via SMS to Rural farmers in India.

Honda, Ford, GM and Mercedes Benz are bullish about SUV vehicles market in Rural India.

Court on Wheels

Huge amount of economic loss happens due to judiciary delays in India. In particular, rural Indians face this problem a bit more serious due to running around long-distant courts/police stations.

Government is conducting an experiment by arranging a court using a hi-tech bus and travelling to rural villages.

Similarly hospital on rails is launched recently.

Rural India gets hi-tech banking services

Banks in India have been puzzling to provide services to Rural villages in India. Financial Information Network & Operations Ltd is rearing to solve this tricky puzzle using bio-metric smartcard systems in a way to help MicroFinance ogannizations, Banks, Insurance companies.

60000 US$ Seed Fund for Social Entrepreneurs

EchoingGreen provides support for social entrepreneurs in the form of fellowship after a rigorous selection process. Fellowship amount is upto 90000 US$ and The good thing is that even a student can apply for this!

Fellowship can be considered as a seed fund. Nearest deadline for application is : 3rd December 2007.