Saturday, May 28, 2005

Indian Villages may get Net, telephony on cable

According to this news:

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is planning a convergence of voice data services.
It is expected to send a proposal to the government for allowing cable operators in rural areas to offer basic telephony and Internet services.
Trai is also to suggest a reduction in the licence fee and spectrum charges for rural cellular services. It is also proposed that Internet protocol-based telephony is permitted and the licensing structure amended, allowing broadband providers to offer voice services in rural India.
At present, cable operators like Hathway provide television channels and Internet browsing facilities in bigger cities. Unified licence holders like Bharti and Reliance can offer Internet, phone and cable services.
While service providers have not offered these three services together to landline subscribers, the services come packaged on high-end mobile phones.
The department of telecommunications is simultaneously initiating amendments to the Telegraph Act to let cellular operators have access to the universal service obligation fund. At present, the USO fund is available only to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd for its fixed-line services in rural areas.
"The government has invested heavily in rural telephony and it subsidises the cost of the telephone instrument, but these have not produced the requisite results. We are working out models to force the rural market to proliferate".

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

A model village for Rural Development

Mr. Rajiv Shah has mailed me (also sent me a CD):
Near kolhapur I visited kambalwadi (near radhanagari in Maharashtra) in which, complete intergrated development program was implemented. it is wonderful... all in one village.. water conservation .. energy conservation, housing with total cleanliness,out of clutches of alcohol and tobacco, well done up roads, using only organic manure for crops, village women have docras and micro finance activities, implemented various gadgets for water supply without using electricity and oil purely on hydro technique, set up of WLL network by installing telecommunication tower. each house in village has a computer and school children are given all basic education. they have their own server like pabal village vidyan ashram which helps them to get connected with experts in agriculture and non farm sector. all houses are painted in one colour.

garbage management, proper drainage arrangements, after bodies are burned the ash and bones are used as organic manures in field, though it is isolated village in the corner of maharashtra on the foothills of sahyadri they have well done roads, plantation techniques for vegetable and alllied products, today village is independent and do not take power from mseb , do not take water from govt .. no funding is accepted from govt, they do not enertain govt officers as they say they do not need any govt programs, they have better health programs and connectivity for crtical cases, schools campus are well developed and maintained,taking wonderful results , they have adopted modern watershade magt technique and water harveting including rain water.. horticulture and afforestation activities at peak..all plants and trees are planted after considering flora and founa and natural bio diversity keeping foreign treeslike nilgiri etc are planted only those which suits their environment and do not affect or pollute surrounding biology are planted. all court cases are withdrawn and handled by panchayat.

one of the ngo from kolhapur has taken pains to make it successful and many such independent villages are coming up. village women have their own programs with wonderfu earning.women empowerment in real sense. what else you need. their panchayat has offered me a place to come and stay with was wonderful experience. another school at pachagaon at kolhapur a school of nomads have construed their own school bldg and all activities including maintainance of boarding school, organic manure, use of kitchen waste, natural cool house for keeping vegetables fresh and no of activities are carried out by these children.
This was also programmed DD National Channel and a copy of which is with me. If anyone wishes, please send me a mail (malapati@google's mail)

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Friday, May 13, 2005

Apparel park empowers women of rural Andhra Pradesh

According to this news:
Women in Samalkota of East Godavari district are abreast of the new trends in American fashion. The garments some 1,000 of them produce at an apparel park here will soon be available in the stores of global retail giant Wal-Mart and the outlets of Steve and Barry’s in the US and Setabis Textiles of Canada.

"What is unique about this set-up is that women who work here are not employees but are employers," says Alla Umamaheswara Rao, managing director of EG Apparels. "They are stake-holders and thus are themselves profit centres."

The work at the park is outsourced to them from abroad through a Bangalore-based exporting unit. With this, Samalkota has joined the league of garment production centres like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Gurgaon. "Soon we will start direct exports and 40 per cent of the profits will go to the employees," says Rao.

Find detailed info here

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Rural Innovations

National Innovation Foundation (India) in its website :
"......the time has come to unleash the creative potential of our scientists and innovators at grassroots level. Only then we can make India truly self-reliant and a leader in sustainable technologies....propose a national foundation for helping innovators all over the country. This fund...will build a national register of innovations, mobilize intellectual property protection, set up incubators for converting into viable business opportunities and help in dissemination across the country.''
Rural India is now in upswing with their creative innovations. Bicycle which runs on land as well as water. Washing Machine for Rs. 2000. What not!!

NIF's chanllenge is to link innovation, capital and enterprise. Its director, Gupta says, "We need mentors who can support these innovators. Most have no bank accounts. We need to give them design and marketing support, media coverage."

Find more innovations those can be marketed.

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