Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Rural Innovations

National Innovation Foundation (India) in its website :
"......the time has come to unleash the creative potential of our scientists and innovators at grassroots level. Only then we can make India truly self-reliant and a leader in sustainable technologies....propose a national foundation for helping innovators all over the country. This fund...will build a national register of innovations, mobilize intellectual property protection, set up incubators for converting into viable business opportunities and help in dissemination across the country.''
Rural India is now in upswing with their creative innovations. Bicycle which runs on land as well as water. Washing Machine for Rs. 2000. What not!!

NIF's chanllenge is to link innovation, capital and enterprise. Its director, Gupta says, "We need mentors who can support these innovators. Most have no bank accounts. We need to give them design and marketing support, media coverage."

Find more innovations those can be marketed.

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