Saturday, February 26, 2005

Rural Development of India : Why concerned??

You may be surprised why I am so much tended towards Rural India instead of India as a whole. You are observing that India is making strides in economic front. You may be surprised to see the other end of it, unfortunately this developing is widening the gap between rural and urban "exponentially". For example, let us consider china (if not our bihar), during 1980's when the economic development was happening, it took policies according to investor's priorities which made (today) east china is "no less than" any developed country where as "west china" remained very similar to its old situation (in fact, very similar to todays rural India). Much faster development in the east is not able to make any changes western part. So that was the reason why I feel this is the right time to save the rural mass upto my level at least. And the problem is growing so rapidly that we may not be able to solve. And one more reason: "Security of total Network = security of its weakest link in the network". I presume, development should also be assessed with its poorest place.