Monday, August 29, 2005

Economic Times upbeats on Rural Development

It is a wonderful news. Vinod Khosla (Co-Founder Sun Microsystems) has acted as guest editor for India's top news paper "The economic times".

Being one of the topmost venture capitalist of the world, he edited news on every aspect in regards of business oppertunities exist in this forgotten land.

August 29, 2005 issue carries completely on Rural development issues. I think every invester, activist, economist, businessman etc should see this issue.

Some of the headlines:

700 million Indians (Rural population)
India Inc crops up or Moolah Rouge
Home in on warehouses
Companies roam the countryside
WiMAX: Getting maximum from your telephone
Villages getting a healthy dose of telemedicine
They all are in the net
Rural POs to be one-stop service shops
Plough cosies up to the keyboard
This is one GM that’ll be the boss (GM- Green Revolution, Gene revolution)

Please see those news here.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

IT to villages

According to this news:

Department of Information Technology (DIT) of India has identified certain key priorities in this area (IT to villages).

The first-the creation of core common infrastructure in terms of State Wide Area Networks (SWANs) for providing connectivity, National/State Data Centres for reliable and secured data and Common Services Centres (CSCs) for delivery of Services.

DIT has already announced guidelines for providing supports to the States for the establishment of SWANs. Out of 30 states, 17 have shown keen interest in implementing this project, Maran said. Some of the states have already been financially supported under the SWAN scheme, which has an outlay of Rs.3,334 crore.

An empowered committee on SWAN has been constituted with Secretary (IT) as Chairman and members from Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance, National Informatics Centre and DIT. The committee has already considered SWAN proposals from 14 states and approved Rs. 1027.63 crore. Out of this, Rs. 206 crore, which is 20 percent of approved outlay, have already been released.

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Dust Free PC for Rural

According to this news,
Intel announced plans to supply emerging countries with a new PC made specifically to tolerate hot and dusty conditions. It has showed a demo PC of such.
However it still does not support Indian hot weather. I wonder what would be its cost?? However Indian Simputer and AMD's 50x15 are competetive products to this Intel's dust-free pc. Although late, but it is good that large corporates see the Rural areas as viable market. So we can see some competetion and in a way cost gets down which makes low end user happy.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

New technology to help remote areas access the internet

According to this news:

RURAL AND remote areas in the United Republic of Tanzania may soon have access to reliable internet connectivity thanks to a newly introduced information technology.

The technology is a positive development for many remote communities which are beyond the reach of communications infrastru cture, reliable internet connectivity, access to libraries, and interaction with other users through e-mail.

The new technology uses satellite communication, which provides a uniform level of service to all communities re gard less of their location.

The technology includes a central hub facility, internet backbone connectivity, and fully indep e n d e nt classroom, intra-class computing facilities, training programmes for administrators and teachers, and an education portal.

The education portal provides a single point of interaction with dynamic information, applications, processes and people. The satellite link will enable any community to have access to high quality education materials from national, academic, medical and law libraries, regardless of where it is located.

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

IDOL vs ICON : Real Problem

see below for definitions of idol & icon in this context.
In India, if someone does a bit extraordinary in any '
one field' then he becomes " IDOL". On the other hand, in the other part of the world, such person becomes "ICON".

I mean the 'problem' is: people go by blind faith in regards of any field without any constructive criticism (because he was successful in just one field).

That is why: APJ Kalam, Jayalalitha, Gandhi, Amitabh, vivekananda, Sachin, Buddha, RajaniKanth,Ambedkar, NTR, Shirdi Saibaba, etc. became IDOL.

Nitin interpreted this problem as:
'person/personality' overshadowing the 'essential value', glorifying former than the later .. whereas it should have been otherwise..

I think this is a very very serious problem to look into. Because, it is usually who are successful in one field neglect all other things. We should not follow him in other areas at all. for example, Buddha (so called GOD), has neglected his family.

Although this problem exists in other part of the world but it is close to fanatic in the case of India. Congress has been able to sustain in century long politics due to demiGod status of Gandhi, Nehru, etc.

Amit's guess is, this is due to, we lack "ego", a sense of self, self-importance, self-respect, and confidence. Thus, we tend to submit everything to authority pretty quickly. We see someone successful in one field and want to raise him/her to a padestal.

My opinion: I partly agree with him, it is due to the lacking of inquisitive reasoning. More clearcut solutions/reasoning are invited.

What is ICON & IDOL ?? Nitin explains:
as used in present context, icon is an object/entity/individual that represents/symbolizes/expresses the epitomized/exemplified/exalted nature/idea of a action/value/belief/phenomenon

and relevance of an icon is limited to/by the action/value/belief/phenomenon.. the later is the most important here.. icon just glorifies/celebrates/inspires them

idol is an object/entity/individual that is a demigod (popularly considered).. an object of devotion (usually flawed sense of devotion) ..

dr.kalam is an icon as indian citizen/scientist, and only that
meryl streep is an icon of 'acting' as an art, and only that
amitabh is an icon of indian cinema/acting, and only that

none of the above are idols.. their person's/life's are not to be aped/pursued.. but they should just be a source of inspiration in the respective field... nothing more ..

Note: Nitin and Amit are friends of mine.

Cricket does wonders!

Over the years and in particular from past few days, I am hearing the following statement. I am serving India by watching cricket. If I am hearing from someone who is not educated then I would n't have cared at all but from highly learned people. So after giving a little thought, I would like to mention somegreat things of this game: (if u know some more, let me know!)

(As of my knowledge)
Cricket is the only TV program in the world which can make viewers sit before a TV for continuously for more than 8 hours. For this, I think it should get into Guinese Book of Records.

Cricket does another wonder: A poor country like India (and that too, poor citizens of it) are encouraging a sport in developed countries like UK, Australia, NewZealand. Players/cricketing body in those countries are directly/indirectly funded by India's poor citizens. Unfortunately those countries dont ever acknowledge and we dont care because we dont even know this fact.

Many people feel that they do not pay any money to
cricket just by watching it. Unfortunately by watching cricket means: watching thousands of Ads and thus making a room to thousands of companies so by paying money for all those ads costs, companies, cricket board and players. For example, Lays chips is known for its innovaive brading via cricketing media. Cost of manufacturing a chip packet between 1 Rupee and 2 Rs. But it sells for 20/-. All the rest is paid by the consumer goes where, need not be mentioned. Similarly we pay Pepsi or cola 10/- while manufacturing cost is about 40 or 50 paise. A country where people do not afford (or intend) to buy milk but can buy a pepsi (which is even double costlier than milk). No politician (while discussing score of cricket in parliament) ever bothered about the fact that poorest Indian citizen spends hard cash on cricket (may be earned by shedding his blood).

Why our govt offices work very slow need not be mentioned. It is due to laziness gifted by watching
cricket for hours to hours. Bank officers to Engineers to Parliamentarians to Teachers are bothered about how the score is progressing but not on their profession.

Many todays'
so called educated people believe that India is now developing and will become "Super Power". This is because many surveys indicate that India has 50% young people and young means growth for spurring the economy (unfortunately while projecting growth rate, Mckinsey misses the lazy people, who are created by our great game). No one ever try to think that how hard is to keep up the current pace of growth and we even think, it is just as easy as watching for 8 hours continuously (fanatically for 5 days) and have a discussion about India's growth.

(A diehard fan of cricket who could not resist to goto 2 KM distant railway station by walk whenever power was not avalable (to watch in a standing position)

Saturday, August 06, 2005

One of my plan for rural development

It is well known fact that if we start an usual NGO, then its scope would be very limited. I have been thinking on how to broaden my reach. I mean, my wish is to contribute to a large section of people (better, if beyond boundaries). Recently I had been to a village and during the conversation with villagers, I could understand that agriculture and traditional employment are only things they depend on. If these fail they just pray/leave to God. Now I could get a idea which is: practical, very cost effective, huge outreach, collective effort type and basically a long term project.

It is basically on "Self Employment Generation for youth".

I would like to create a database of different possible ways of self-employment generation and then convert the database into local languages.

Here, creating such database is crucial. To create such massive information, I would like to follow the footsteps laid down by Wikipedia and Linus Torwalds (creator of Linux). "Anybody can contribute" and it is expected to become a huge public effort (possibly across the globe).

This project has 4 stages.
1. Creating the software similar to Wikipedea, DMOZ, Free Software (Linux tools).
2. Requesting NGOs, other organizations, govt organizations, academic people, individuals to contribute for the database of the project (on their executed employment generation projects). Maintainance of such database.
3. Similar excercise for translation into local languages.
4. Requesting Individuals, NGOs and Govt organizations to consider this information.

why such project I would like to take up: because it is very cost effective. Investment is too less. It may help large section of people. Since broadband connection to >1000 villagers will be a reality very soon, then my thoughts make much sense. (For example Andhra will be broadband connected by end of 2007 : work is supposedly started).

If this project achieves partly success, immediately I would like to start on Agricultural methods, Teaching techniques (elementary and primary education), etc.

Comments/views/suggestions/fineTune thoughts or constructive criticisms on practical aspects of it, monetary benifits to society, etc are most welcome.

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