Tuesday, August 23, 2005

New technology to help remote areas access the internet

According to this news:

RURAL AND remote areas in the United Republic of Tanzania may soon have access to reliable internet connectivity thanks to a newly introduced information technology.

The technology is a positive development for many remote communities which are beyond the reach of communications infrastru cture, reliable internet connectivity, access to libraries, and interaction with other users through e-mail.

The new technology uses satellite communication, which provides a uniform level of service to all communities re gard less of their location.

The technology includes a central hub facility, internet backbone connectivity, and fully indep e n d e nt classroom, intra-class computing facilities, training programmes for administrators and teachers, and an education portal.

The education portal provides a single point of interaction with dynamic information, applications, processes and people. The satellite link will enable any community to have access to high quality education materials from national, academic, medical and law libraries, regardless of where it is located.

OSP India Information Security Private Limited (OSP Global, LLC)

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