Monday, August 29, 2005

Economic Times upbeats on Rural Development

It is a wonderful news. Vinod Khosla (Co-Founder Sun Microsystems) has acted as guest editor for India's top news paper "The economic times".

Being one of the topmost venture capitalist of the world, he edited news on every aspect in regards of business oppertunities exist in this forgotten land.

August 29, 2005 issue carries completely on Rural development issues. I think every invester, activist, economist, businessman etc should see this issue.

Some of the headlines:

700 million Indians (Rural population)
India Inc crops up or Moolah Rouge
Home in on warehouses
Companies roam the countryside
WiMAX: Getting maximum from your telephone
Villages getting a healthy dose of telemedicine
They all are in the net
Rural POs to be one-stop service shops
Plough cosies up to the keyboard
This is one GM that’ll be the boss (GM- Green Revolution, Gene revolution)

Please see those news here.

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