Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Rural Tours : A novel concept of rural-urban cooperation

I always believe that there is some gap between availabilities/pracical issues and rural people's knowledge. Some one has to bridge our type of ideas with people. It would be better if government does.

So I have been thinking about this bridge, by starting an organization which will make
a connection between rural and urban. I am calling it by name "Rural Tours". As u may guess by name, we take some company people to rural tour (sort of tourist visit). It is arranged from a city to a village during weekends. During the day time of the visit, they are expected to share their knowledge (to enrich the rural). Later in the evening, they are provided some tourist visit, cultural programs, can learn whatever rural are proficient at.

My ideas, vaguely drafted it for constructive criticisms on practical aspects of it, financial constraints (I may face), monetary benifits to society, etc. Please see this site and kindly give me your views.

Update: After 3 years of my idea, similar venture is started in Bangalore. Please see it here.