Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How do I choose a party to vote for?

I know it is tough job to select a candidate among fools. But then, clever among the fools is what the selection criteria.

My first criteria:
Rural development is my passion. So why I have been working on this domain for the past 5-7 years directly (as an academic researcher, as a technologist, as a businessman and now as an investor) and indirectly more than a decade.

I have been trying to understand the root causes of these problems and few times, I have expressed my opinions on this blog. To my analysis, rural issues in India can be solved only if we create new cities of around 6000 just like Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, etc (the recently developed ones).

There is only one party, LokSatta, which is in this direction (in Andhra Pradesh, where I have my vote registered).

Second criteria:
And coming to MP elections, as you see every party is stupid. The fundamental problem for this studity across the parties is that Dynasty politics. So I believe, BJP should win this election in order to root out this plague that is sucking the wealth of India.

So here are my choices:

MP elections: BJP
State elections: LokSatta

Go ahead with your thoughts.