Saturday, August 06, 2005

One of my plan for rural development

It is well known fact that if we start an usual NGO, then its scope would be very limited. I have been thinking on how to broaden my reach. I mean, my wish is to contribute to a large section of people (better, if beyond boundaries). Recently I had been to a village and during the conversation with villagers, I could understand that agriculture and traditional employment are only things they depend on. If these fail they just pray/leave to God. Now I could get a idea which is: practical, very cost effective, huge outreach, collective effort type and basically a long term project.

It is basically on "Self Employment Generation for youth".

I would like to create a database of different possible ways of self-employment generation and then convert the database into local languages.

Here, creating such database is crucial. To create such massive information, I would like to follow the footsteps laid down by Wikipedia and Linus Torwalds (creator of Linux). "Anybody can contribute" and it is expected to become a huge public effort (possibly across the globe).

This project has 4 stages.
1. Creating the software similar to Wikipedea, DMOZ, Free Software (Linux tools).
2. Requesting NGOs, other organizations, govt organizations, academic people, individuals to contribute for the database of the project (on their executed employment generation projects). Maintainance of such database.
3. Similar excercise for translation into local languages.
4. Requesting Individuals, NGOs and Govt organizations to consider this information.

why such project I would like to take up: because it is very cost effective. Investment is too less. It may help large section of people. Since broadband connection to >1000 villagers will be a reality very soon, then my thoughts make much sense. (For example Andhra will be broadband connected by end of 2007 : work is supposedly started).

If this project achieves partly success, immediately I would like to start on Agricultural methods, Teaching techniques (elementary and primary education), etc.

Comments/views/suggestions/fineTune thoughts or constructive criticisms on practical aspects of it, monetary benifits to society, etc are most welcome.

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Harikrishnan said...

good plan...keep it up and work foe it..all the best
hey,what abt etc in the villages acroos India..I haven't seen a village so far...but i wa so moved by Swades (film) the rural India rightly projected there? me education is one big factor in development..rght?..are the people still critical about sending there children to schools,especially the girl child?

Anonymous said...

yaar what u are saying is to some extent right but,just think how many rural indians have access and interest in such sites and do u know the computer literacy rate of rural India. i think this is an plan which must be thought about after some 30 years.