Sunday, August 07, 2005

IDOL vs ICON : Real Problem

see below for definitions of idol & icon in this context.
In India, if someone does a bit extraordinary in any '
one field' then he becomes " IDOL". On the other hand, in the other part of the world, such person becomes "ICON".

I mean the 'problem' is: people go by blind faith in regards of any field without any constructive criticism (because he was successful in just one field).

That is why: APJ Kalam, Jayalalitha, Gandhi, Amitabh, vivekananda, Sachin, Buddha, RajaniKanth,Ambedkar, NTR, Shirdi Saibaba, etc. became IDOL.

Nitin interpreted this problem as:
'person/personality' overshadowing the 'essential value', glorifying former than the later .. whereas it should have been otherwise..

I think this is a very very serious problem to look into. Because, it is usually who are successful in one field neglect all other things. We should not follow him in other areas at all. for example, Buddha (so called GOD), has neglected his family.

Although this problem exists in other part of the world but it is close to fanatic in the case of India. Congress has been able to sustain in century long politics due to demiGod status of Gandhi, Nehru, etc.

Amit's guess is, this is due to, we lack "ego", a sense of self, self-importance, self-respect, and confidence. Thus, we tend to submit everything to authority pretty quickly. We see someone successful in one field and want to raise him/her to a padestal.

My opinion: I partly agree with him, it is due to the lacking of inquisitive reasoning. More clearcut solutions/reasoning are invited.

What is ICON & IDOL ?? Nitin explains:
as used in present context, icon is an object/entity/individual that represents/symbolizes/expresses the epitomized/exemplified/exalted nature/idea of a action/value/belief/phenomenon

and relevance of an icon is limited to/by the action/value/belief/phenomenon.. the later is the most important here.. icon just glorifies/celebrates/inspires them

idol is an object/entity/individual that is a demigod (popularly considered).. an object of devotion (usually flawed sense of devotion) ..

dr.kalam is an icon as indian citizen/scientist, and only that
meryl streep is an icon of 'acting' as an art, and only that
amitabh is an icon of indian cinema/acting, and only that

none of the above are idols.. their person's/life's are not to be aped/pursued.. but they should just be a source of inspiration in the respective field... nothing more ..

Note: Nitin and Amit are friends of mine.

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