Thursday, June 12, 2008

Copyrights of the contents of this blog

For the past few days, I have been writing regularly on this blog (I do have many more blogs). Can you believe this? Even though I maintain such a large blog, I don't know to write. Due to this weakness of mine, I have not been replying to comments for long time on most occasions. One of such comment made me to write this post. That is about copyrights of this blog.

You can freely copy or distribute any of the blog-posts here and moreover you can even remix them but with one condition that you must attribute the original source. Yes, you must have guessed it by now. I am talking about Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 India License.

Firstly, I am really suprised why I did not this licensing stuff all this while. Secondly, I have removed unrelated posts here in order to make this blog restricted to "Rural India" context alone. I decided to write all my personal or business ideas in my other blog.

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