Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mobile Services - Voice Calls

Mobile is revolutionary. Yes, it will have profound effect on human development process. In order to indicate this, I am attempting to write detailed posts on Mobile Services and this one is the second post. Wait for many more posts on this series.

Mobile is known for voice calls for decades. Typical features such as the following are already available on most mobiles.
  • Caller ID (more details such as name or number or other identification marks)
  • Reveal caller id (caller needs to input his/her number in order to continue the call)
  • Call forwarding (when you are busy/ no-answer/ selective/ every time),
  • Call waiting (with a recorded message of receiver or music is played)
  • Call hold (plays music for the receiver on hold)
  • Call blocking (automatically rejecting the numbers of your dislike, specifically, IVR calls or the unloving last call)
  • Conference call
  • Call recording (both sides)
  • Automatic call receiver
  • Call tracing
  • Missed call alerts
  • Speed dialing
  • Repeat dialing (busy or otherwise)
  • Automatic/selected call return
  • Caller tunes
  • Distinctive ring tones depending on callers
  • Priority calls
  • Scheduled silent mode
  • Do Not Disturb (send a busy/ unreachable signal to the receiver)
  • On a single mobile phone, one may maintain multiple-numbers to differentiate their purposes.
  • When you make/receive a call, you may see the notes on your counterpart such as recent calls time stamps, text notes you have taken etc
Many many more ...............

Future outlook:
  1. Managing the above features using typical Web 2.0 features such as labels (family, office, school friends, etc)
  2. Usage statistics patterns over Internet (on mobile).
  3. Number masking: Celebrities may have a number to give it for temporary purposes and later to discard the masked number
  4. Scheduled call : a call is made on scheduled time, plays a pre-recorded message and rings on caller side as well
  5. Pay for incoming calls : For selected callers, receiver may bear the cost
  6. Uploading public telephone directory into the mobile (for caller identification purposes)
  7. Random calls: If you feel bored of waiting then you may enable random call to receive a call from an unknown person (who would call to a fixed number in-order to reach you but without the knowledge of your number)
  8. At a time, call multiple numbers of a single person to get him/her for sure
Network busy or signal unreachability does hurt this voice calls service.

Video Calls:
This case is very similar to voice calls. I don't detail much other than mentioning the following.
Recording of the calls (both sides)
Exchange of data during the call and management of this data interacted
Photos of the video call
Video conferencing
Most of the Voice call features are applicable.

PS: This is an indicative post and not a complete listing. Please do write your thoughts in this direction.

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