Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Who is an entrepreneur?

Today (1st of March, 2006) is one of my happiest days in my life. Reason : I just could understand who a entrepreneur is!! Yes .. I got the real sense of it.

Whenever a person feels a frustation because of a service/facility unavailability, that is the oppertunity to be to be grabbed. If one grabs so he will be called as entrepreneur.

Provide a service which makes people get out of their frustation and that will make you an entrepreneur.

Yes .. I wish & I will become a social entrepreneur through which I will change the lives of bottom most of the pyramid.

OSP India Information Security Private Limited(OSP Global, LLC)


villageboy said...

Good defintion Raja! Well thought defintion indeed!

Anonymous said...

Hey Raja.
It feels gr8 to find a person who is so obsessed with making our country a better place to live in .....

Thanks so much.

I stay in US and I am currently doing my phd in entrepreneurship in rural india.

Lets be in touch as I may be in need of some advices from time to time. How do I contact u by mail ??