Monday, March 13, 2006

Packaged Rural Foods & a business plan

For the past 10 years, I usually carry hot (Namkeen or Junk Food) (I also carry sweets, but this article is limited to hot varieties) made in my home to my university. Whenever I took such items, all of my friends greatly enjoyed over and above sweets. Till date, I have never seen such wide varieties of items in any city I stayed in India (Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai). I had at least 100 different tasty foods in my own home. And I believe there could be even more items.

Usually these foods are made of rice (main ingredient) (rarely wheat), Dals (pulses), masala chilli powder and some other stuff. Good part of them is that they stay for longer without any preservatives (longer I mean, more than 3 months if packaged).

There is a good market for such items in India and elsewhere in the world. In India, there are very few companies in this domain notably Haldiram. However haldiram's business is limited to few items (10-15 types : and all are not much different in taste).

Rural India can do a lot in this space. In fact, there are some similar packaged items in Japan originating from rural places of Japan.

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