Monday, March 13, 2006

Poor parents prefer private schools: Why?

This survey research paper answers the following interesting question.

Q. Why would these largely poor parents pay for their child’s education when there is a free government alternative?

1) The private schools are having English medium which is a very important factor to the 96% of the parents.

2) Parents perceive that the private sector provides a better quality of education

3) 98% of the parents indicate the fact that the school is considered to be a ‘good educational provider’ is an important element when they chose their child’s school.

4) Almost 75% of the parents stated that it was unimportant to them if there was a government alternative to which they could send their children They would choose the private school irrespective of the provision of a government school.

5) 78% of the parents stated that they would recommend their current private school to their neighbours, friends or relatives.

6) 93% of the parents rated their private school “very good” or “good” value for money.

7) School owners face 3 or more major competing schools in their area. Local government school is never a competitor. (most owners expressed this!)

8) School official: the teachers in the private unaided schools are accountable to the parents. On the other hand, govt schools teachers and staff are guaranteed a ‘job for life’ owing to the strength of the teachers’ unions and employment contracts.

9) Parents are attracted to private schools glossy brochure and the manager’s office had marble floors and air conditioning ( however class-rooms are no different in schools which charge less or high).

10) ‘Recognised’ by the state Government (thro bribery: even this fact is known to parents).

11) Internal tests in private schools were deliberately providing easier tests to inflate their scores, thus encouraging parents to believe that they were better.

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manjusha said...

i agree with 8 out of 11 points stated here.the argument that govt. schools are not able to provide qualtiy education is undeniable.there may be a few govt. schools which give a good competition to private schools(i saw two such schools).the expectations from the govt and its institutions,of the public, are receeding. we have many examples of negligence shown by these schools towards students.these schools donot maintain a healthy, studying environment.they donot have proper facilities.except for the low fees,they have nothing to satisfy the parents.
unless the govts take steps to change the situation,we will have these private,english medium schools popping up in every corner of the nation.
we cant expect govt to do every thing in this regard.the teachers in govt schools should also realize their responsibilities. they should take the first step by treating the students and the parents properly.
customer service always plays a vital role in any institution.isnt it??