Monday, February 13, 2006

Sphere packing and my vision of rural development

Many people asked me about my approach to rural development. Here I dont give what exactly is my plan but vague description of the net-result that I expect to happen after my efforts.

Sphere Packing: I read this concept about in my coding theory course. It is a very interesting concept. However now, I wish to explore it to our concern.

Problem: Imagine a room and you are asked to fill the room with various sizes of balls (spheres) so that all the space in the room is filled-up.

Now I see this problem in another manner, room is my nation. Radius of each of those spheres (balls) is the community of people who work for social development cause. And their access is the sphere volume. So now the problem is restated as:

Problem: Increase the communities working for social development so that they cover the entire nation.

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