Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rural India Primary Education challenge: Anyone there?

A worldbank's $12+ billion dollar bill cannot solve the primary education puzzle. The challenge of educational quality is a difficult one. Money is needed, but is not enough to solve the problems. Ideas, expertise and experience are equally important.


Iniyaazh said...

The link (EI website) was good. true that money alone is not enough to ensure primary education to all, atleast in India. Each region has it's own unique problems and social setup that hinders education for all.
For ex., In most of the villages in north western TN, boys usualy end up in day labour jobs and their education comes to a stand still while girls are allowed to carry on with their edication. So,higher number of girls complete their primary and secondary education. This situation may not be seen in rest of India or TN. So, we need customised solutions.

Thanks again for the link.

Kumar Varoon said...

Please go to the wonderful primary education solution propoosed by Rajesh Jain at

Read this title "TECH TALK: Transforming Rural India 2: Education"