Sunday, August 20, 2006

Internet is set to benefit the Rural Indian farmer

The most noticeable of the ICT projects in Rural India are e-Choupal, iShakti, and esagu. Today, they lead a silent revolution that empowers farmers with relevant information to make their lives better.

ITC e-Choupal web portal brings real-time information on weather forecasts and customized knowledge on better farming practices to the farmers' doorstep to improve his crop management. ITC e-Choupal supply chain brings good quality farm inputs at competitive prices to increase his farm yields.

iShakti provides information and services to the farmers through a portal, which has contents pertaining to a variety of rural issues. It enables farmers to have a solution for a pest problem.

Esagu has a three-tier system consists of farmers as end users, coordinators as intermediaries to obtain crop status through digital photographs and text and communicate the advice to the farmers. The agricultural scientists with knowledge system prepare farm advices.


Iniyaazh said...

I have previously heard about these portals. But, not in detail. Thanks for the information.

S said...

Hey, nice blog. I came across your blog while looking how to improve India's rural health conditions.

smille said...

good efforts!!!bt sy stopped posts?

Bhaskar said...

Nice Effort sir, Keep going :)

venkat said...

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