Sunday, May 24, 2009

Accountability to the world at large!

I consume more resources (both intellectual resources-ideas, knowledge, etc and physical resources-land,water,air,etc) than an average person in this world. As I use these worldly resources, I got to be accountable as well. And moreover, our life is nothing but the choices we make. So, now the question is that are those choices that we opt for are taken with considerable thought process?? And moreover, who audits them for improvements?

In this regard, I decided to note down all actions that I do every day (hour by hour basis). This is an attempt to make the world (at large) to conduct an audit on my every action to improve my way of doing things.

If you did not understand the purpose of such a thing, please find the detailed post here.

I would write them from today onwards on my personal blog ( and not on this blog.

Comments welcome!


Sundara said...


It is a nice thought to review your actions. However, I donot agree with the question "Who reviews my action".

I have a personal diary where I write the reason for my every action. In my point of view it is self reflection that acts as the feedback loop.

Malapati Raja Sekhar said...

It is true that self-review is one of the ways to improve.

I believe you must be aware that in any company there are two types of audits. One internal audit, where-in company reviews its processes internally and another, an independent audit by a external specialist, which is usually called external audit.

Similarly I review my actions and also get reviewed someone who sits anywhere in the world.