Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rural Market focused fund: VentureEast Proactive fund

Update: VentureEast Proactive fund has several other focus areas. However, this blogpost only talks about the fund's interest on rural market opportunities which is the focus of this blog. More details about the fund can be had from its website.

Original Post:
After being on my own, I am now back to an employee position at a Venture Capital firm (VenturEast, Chennai). This company has a fund of 100 million dollars specifically focused on areas such as "Digital divide", "Bottom of Pyramid", etc. And the decision to join was a well-thought one. It's in order to get much exposed to different companies focused on rural markets in India and moreover to learn certain new skill-sets.

I have always supported rural market focused companies by providing strategic consulting services something that I would keep doing. Do write me your thoughts.

PS: Although my old mobile number is still alive, but you may like to call me on my Chennai number mentioned on the sidebar of my blog page.


Nitin Gupta said...

Hi Raja,

I am amazed by your knowledge of rural context. You may want to share some of your articles at to get a wider audience.. many readers of NGO Post will find your articles valuable.


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