Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fundamentals are very important

Why fundamentals are important? Let us take an example. Can you construct infinite things using finite things? 

hmmm .. of course: Colors. All colors are made of 7 basic ones such as "violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow orange, red" (better known as VIBGYOR). Let us explore many more examples to understand this concept. Every language is made up of few thousands of words. But the number of sentences that we can construct using those words is infinite. Similarly alphabet is finite but words can be formed infinitely. The whole universe is made up of infinite materials but they all formed from few periodic elements. Music alphabet generally consists of 7 basic sounds. Yet you have an infinite number of songs. All the infinite numbers are formed using a finite set of digits. 

Please construct few more examples before you go ahead on our discussion. In all the above examples, you can observe that finite things are used infinitely and the result is infinite combinations. 

And did you ever observe this? if you don't know the words of a language it makes no sense of sentences. Similarly if you can't understand digits then you can never learn numbers. So we can easily conclude (our original discussion statement) that, one needs to understand the basic underlying primitive fundamental concepts in your work  in order to understand thoroughly and use them (fundamental concepts) in various scenarios. 

Note: This lecture is one of the few experiments in order to teach young children on "how to learn". If you are interested in such creative way of teaching, then please write me on my gmail id, malapati.

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