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What/when all these services will emerge from a Mobile phone?

I believe that mobile is one of the most revolutionary thing happened in our lifetime. It would become the key enabler in the process of human development (socially/economically). The reason for this are the following services, which would be available on a mobile sooner or later if unavailable now.

Note : All the following services would never be available on a single mobile phone. Any subset of these services would be sold in the market. So it means, one will keep multiple mobiles.
  • Voice/Video Calls (local/national/international)
  • Documentation/Video Recording/Audio Recording - Blogging, Remotely updating office work, Softwares- Word/Excel/Powerpoint/etc, Creative Designs such as drawing,
  • Messaging/Chat/File Transfer- one to one, group messaging, group discussions, automatic notification, RSS feeds,
  • Alarm/Watch/Timer -
  • Mirror -
  • Radio -
  • Mouse -
  • Search for person/object/location details - where, who, what, how, when-, object identification through photos,
  • TV -
  • Music - Tune identification through audio recording, songs for download on iTunes kind of platform,
  • E-Commerce - size fitting, ordering groceries, Insurance policy, Photo-prints,
  • Ticketing or Booking - Air/ Train/ Bus/ Car/ Movie/ Hotel/ Events/ Any professionals' appointments/ etc
  • Video/Audio on Demand - Movies, Story telling for children, Live video/audio streams
  • Access to content on web - Videos/ Images/ News Papers/ Magazines/Horoscope etc
  • Friendship/Dating networks
  • Matrimonial services
  • Stocks/Investment
  • Navigation systems - Maps, Diksuchi,
  • Banking
  • Location based payments (similar to credit/smart card) for uses such as parking lot fee, AVM, Pay autowala (firstly it calculates out the what is the prevailing rates in Mumbai and then payment), ..
  • E-Books
  • Teaching/Training - E-Pen, Live streaming lectures, Materials such as Lecture notes, Presentations, Audio/Video Lectures,
  • Interactive Gaming
  • Diagnosis - Temperature, BP, Pulse reading through Stylus
  • Scanning - paper/photo,
  • OCR -
  • Barcode Reader
  • Projector
  • Object Location Identification - RFID
  • Dictionary/Encyclopedia
  • Translation (Text/Voice)
  • Voting
  • Survey/Quiz/Feedback/Complaints/examination systems
  • Application filing - Jobs, loans, admission, other government services,
  • Remote access - Computers, Mobiles, TV, Fridge, Micro oven, Electric switches,
  • Identification - Software Key, Digital signature, Finger print scan, password,

However, there are certain limitations to mobile which are the reasons for having limitations on the number of services. These are:
  • Display size - May have TV/Monitor output.
  • Memory - Remote storage may be used
  • Processor performance - May use resource of another remote high performance computer
  • Battery power
  • Keypad - A foldable printed paper type wireless keypad may be used
  • Interoperability
  • Signal reach - signal boosters may be used
  • Environment
  • Water/Heat/Cold/Fire/chemicals issues
  • Standing - Physical stand may be used with flexibility in height & width
NOTE: This article will be updated for more details on each of these service. Typical details are mentioned in the following.

When is the service expected?
Whether the legal framework is ready?
Technology background
How can above constraints limit a particular service?
What are the driving factors?
What would be the possibly business models?
What are current and future developments in that arena?

More details:
Personal use/Office work would possibly drive the penetration of mobile services. Possibly adult and filmi content would drive the videos and images businesses. TV on mobile - Currently technology is ready and government is making its framework. Radio on mobile is already exist. And the number of channels -.

TO BE UPDATED & of course, I love to hear your comments on your take on these services.

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Next Generation Networks [NGN] technology of Telecommunication will provide all the services of which you desiring.

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