Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Easiest way to get into Politics : Unexplored Approach!

Many guys used to ask me how to get into politics. Traditional & Popular approaches in this regard are:

  1. Becoming a cine actor
  2. Becoming a model
  3. Sports professionals
  4. Poets
  5. Through NGOs
  6. Politics as a career (I believe this could be the reason behind our system's inefficiency

I believe that the easiest way to get into politics is by offering Innovative Consumer Products/Services. It is because people generally associate themselves with the good consumer services/products and those who are happy customers could be the brand ambassadors for your politics ambitions. For example, imagine if Google founders are into an election, they would be able to gain initial traction anywhere in the world.

Actually I have started this blog so that we can come up with practical approaches for solving issues in Rural India. Past few months, I have been associated with many small start-ups focussed on Rural consumer Services. If you are interested to get into consumer services businesses, then do let me know.

My contact in this regard is my gmail id: malapati
Mobile number: Gero nime nime sics seWen tw* Gero seWen one sics fou* (written in similar-text to avoid spamming). I am available during 9AM to 9 PM


jrbrownfie said...

I am wanting to get into politics and I am going to get my start in life as a normal everyday teacher. I want to be elected through a grass roots movement at a local level where I am fairly confident I could obtain. I think this is what people like to see. The average man out of the middle class getting into politics to help others. Your party can only get you so far, its about passion, a passion to see a better tomorrow.

Sumukh said...

An easy way is seldom the right way. I appreciate your interest in getting into politics, which I assume is to provide a better alternative to the existing bunch. The problem I see in converting from an entrepreneur is that it also needs a shift in thinking. Being an entrepreneur you work for your company or business, in other words it's in self interest, but for a politician other people's interests become their interests. You could argue that you would treat customers when you are an entrepreneur in the same context as people when you are a politician, but there is a subtle and important difference. I'm happy if you have thought over that already.

I'm also not sure if Page and Brin would do well if they stood for elections in rural India. Just think about it, they may not have any trouble finding nerds or educated people campaigning for them, but how does a search engine help anyone who doesn't have a computer? Just my 2 cents :-)

frost-leigh said...

i live in hogn kogn and beleive that gettin involved with world wide politics is just around the corner. i feel as i'm perceived to be very young but am capable if given the chance. i just odn ktnow where to start. let me know somehow

Avishkar said...

Indian politics is dirty, corrupt and most of all RACIST. Ppl at the top only want ppl of their own cast to succeed. U wanna get to top u need some1 at the top. If u dont then u gotta be a master at the art of making relationships with powerful ppl and utilising them at the right time. If u do have contacts then u just gotta follow the steps of that leader and follow his instructions. If u wanna get into it and go all the way to the top then u gotta just have some serious cash and contacts. THATS IT !!!