Saturday, December 01, 2007

HoneyBee Network going Global

HoneyBee network is an organization which maintains a database of grass-root innovations in India. Now it is expanding to other countries such as China.
According to a news published by WSJ,

The China network already has logged 500 innovations, including one by a teenager who designed a shoe rack that kills shoe odor. Eighteen-year-old We Zhi Chuan, chairman of his Tianjin school's innovation association, built his "bactericidal shoe-hanging machine" to wipe out the smell in his running shoes. An avid ping pong player, he hated the way his shoes stank after a sweaty game. So he made a multiprong stand that comes equipped with an ultraviolet light on the end of each prong to kill the bacteria that cause odor.

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Anonymous said...

HoneyBee should learn how to be effective in India before they expand to other countries. They really haven't done that very well. See the post on HoneyBee Network here.