Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Andhra Pradesh (Indian State) goes broadband

According to this news, the rural broadband network in Andhra Pradesh (Indian state) is an innovative and revolutionary project with three broad components:
  • Electronic delivery of all government services to the people through 6,000 rural IT kiosks to be set up across the state. A team of specially trained rural women to be appointed through self help groups under the rural development department will run the kiosks.
  • Computer literacy for at least one person in each family in all Andhra Pradesh villages.
  • Broadband connectivity for all villages of Andhra Pradesh spread across the state's 2,75,000 square kilometers by December 2006.

Once if this project becomes alive then the face of AP village is set to change.

OSP India Information Security Prvate Limited (OSP Global, LLC)

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